Little Loeffler Letter

Weekly Updates on our Surprise Baby Shower

First Meeting Summary

Things went well at our first meeting regarding March 24's baby shower. Topics discussed included: Cake flavors and design, decorations, methods of execution, and presents.

In terms of the cake, we have decided on a chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse filling and icing; we are still indifferent about shape, style, and designs.

Our plan for the decorations is to begin setting up in the band room during second period, transfer everything over to A02 between periods via the back doors, and set up before class begins while distracting Mr. Loeffler outside.

In terms of the song performance previously discussed, it was unanimously decided a quintet would perform it. Because of varying schedules, it would be hard to coordinate rehearsals with a large group, and such matter is better left to a smaller collection.

The Most Important One Dollar of Your Life

In order to get Mr. Loeffler a great gift, we need the money! Please give any contributions to Samantha Davis as soon as possible! One dollar is more than enough, but more will happily be accepted.

Remember, the more we collect, the greater the gift we can give!


We all have different schedules and must coordinate with each other to execute this

perfectly. It may be hard to get to a meeting, but it is harder to make plans with people on

opposite sides of our school. Because of this, only input discussed at meetings can truly be accounted for and, ultimately, considered.

Please attend the next meeting! We love your input!

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