AR AIMS AP Statistics Newsletter

Volume 3, Issue 1

Take a Deep Breath....

I vividly remember typing my welcome back newsletter last year. There was a pit in my stomach thinking about the stress you all must be going through. There were so many unknowns - and you all still had to put a smile on your face and walk into your classroom everyday. You all did this with grace and compassion, and I am so amazed by each and every one of your for making it through the school year and doing your best each day.

Well fast-forward to a year later - despite the hope we all had when the school year ended , not much has changed in terms of the unknowns for this year. But I know you all will do your best and your students will be so appreciative of your dedication and compassion during this (once again) crazy school year.

I would also like each of you to make a promise to yourself to try and make time to NOT think about school/grading papers/etc. a few nights a week. Even write it in your schedule if you need to! We all deserve to be the best we can for our students, colleagues, and our families.

The AR AIMS consultants and I care about each of you and we are here to help with whatever you may need. Don't hesitate to email, call, or text (even if you just need to vent!) anytime.

AR AIMS AP Math Fall Workshop Conference with Doug Tyson October 4th and 5th

Register Soon!!!

We are so excited that Doug Tyson will be leading our AR AIMS AP Statistics Fall Workshop this year! Doug has been a driving force for many of the classroom activities we know and love, like the Smelling Parkinson's Activity. I can't wait to see what other amazing activities and materials he will share with us at the workshop this year! For more information see the flyer and registration links below.

AR AIMS AP Math Fall Workshop Conference Flyer

AR AIMS AP Math Fall Workshop Conference Registration Form

The workshop will be held October 4th at 5th at the Plaza Hotel in Little Rock (formerly the Crowne Plaza).

New Link for AR AIMS Google Site

Before the last school year ended, I emailed you all a link to a Google Security Agreement for our AP Google Sites. This is an extra layer of protection so you can feel safe assigning our exams to your students without fear they could find the exams or solutions online.

I appreciate each of you that have completed the google form for the Security Agreement. To check that you have access, the link to the AR AIMS AP Statistics Google Site is below:

AR AIMS AP Statistics Google Site

If you are unable to access the site - please fill out the Google Site Security Agreement at the link below:

AR AIMS AP Math Google Site Security Agreement

If you have any questions about the agreement please send me an email at

New AP Statistics Day-to-day Pacing Guide!


I have been working this summer on a pacing guide that will pair the Statsmedic daily activities with resources, quizzes, exams, etc. from the AR AIMS Google Site. I am really excited with what I have put together. I plan on adding in the Skew the Script resources where they fit in the next week. I have completed units 1 through 3 and will have the rest finished soon. Please take a look and let me know if there is anything that you would like to see me add!

AR AIMS AP Statistics Pacing Guide (to pair with Stats Medic)