stories from the past...teaching our present

Mythology Genre

Readying myths can tell us about humanity. They teach us lessons, and show us a peek into the past.

Cultures from around the world had different myths and stories to explain beliefs they had.

By reading different myths we can appreciate and compare how different authors use mythical conventions to teach a lesson.

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- Myths: a body of traditional or sacred stories to explain a belief or natural happening.

- Epic tale: A long narrative story dealing with supernatural beings or heros.


There are different types of ancient stories:

- Myths




-Tall Tale

Characteristics of Myths

  • Traditional or ancient story
  • Derived from oral narratives
  • Deals with supernatural beings or heroes
  • Explains a belief or natural happenings
  • Seeks to answer life's fundamental questions (who are we? why are we here?)


A theme is a central or universal idea of a piece of fiction or the main idea of a non-fiction essay.

Themes give a message about life.

Icarus & Daedalus

Theme: Listen to your elders


Theme: Jealousy can cause people to do horrible things

Comparing Myths/Oral Narratives

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When you compare myths... Look for...

  • Purposes of myth
  • origin (where it came from)
  • beliefs about the afterlife
  • beliefs about purpose of life
  • roles and characteristics of deities (gods)
  • social behavior and values
  • how setting affects the story

Fictional Adaptations

Many movies, films, and songs have been made based upon ancient stories and myths.

Your Objectives...

  1. Review mythical conventions and be able to identify author's use of them in a myth.
  2. Compare and contrast different myths for their purposes, conventions, and lessons.
  3. Compare and contrast a fictional adaptation of a myth and it's original rendition.
  4. Draw conclusions about the cultures and people from which the myth's derive.


Practice Your Analyzing Skills

Short Fable: Fox & the Grapes

Read the story from the link below.

Answer the following questions and write your answers on the writeboard link below:

Why did the fox want the grapes?

Why did he change his mind?

What theme/message did the fable have?

Connect the fable to something you have experienced. Explain.


The Bundle of Sticks

Read the fable located in the link below:

What was the lesson the sons learned?

Make a text to world connection. How have you seen this in real life?