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Here's the Skinny...

Giving Back is a HUGE priority to me! And I have a goal to do 3 fundraisers/month a la Stella & Dot! And clearly, I cannot do this alone! To quote Helen Keller "Alone we can do so little...together we can do so much".

Let's get together and spend some fun and fab time together on your lunch hours and/or after hours and shop to make a difference in this world....1 jewel at a time! When strong women and men stand side-by-side great things happen!!! Let's do this together!!! Gather a few of your friends/co-workers/family/classrooms and Shop for a Cause!!

To date, I have helped raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness via Canadian Cancer Society and Rethink Breast Cancer, OneWalk, Autism awareness with the New Haven Learning Centre here in Toronto and Providence in Calgary, Type 1 Diabetes Research with JDRF Canada, Athletes at the Toronto Gymnastics International Inc., Dress for Success - Toronto, and more. No cause is too small!

Where do you work? What do you do? What are you passionate about? What cause speaks to you?

Shop for a Cause with yours truly!

Message me and let's get your Office/Schools/Friends excited!

As if giving back isn't enough to make you smile, I am going to treat my first 2 "fundraising" hostesses to something a little "extra". And go...

Your fave stylist,

Jen Pearce


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Jen Pearce

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