By: Evan Wald

Favorite Football Team

My favorite football team for the NFL is the Seattle Seahawks. The reason is because Russel Wilson and Marshawn Lynch because of them they help make that team better and continue to work hard and do their part. The last supper bowl they made it to was 2014 and the last one they won was 2013. My favorite college team is the Wisconsin Badgers. The reason is because first of all lets be real... THEY ARE OUR HOME TEAM! My second reason is because my favorite player used to play for them Russell Wilson.


WOW! Has this season been a heck of a good Badger's basketball season!? Now I don't know everything about the WIsconsin Badgers basketball team but I do know they had a great season. They went to the Final Four two years in a row. The first year they lost at the begging of the final four, this year they really spun their wheels and kicked up their game, they did their best... Look where they ended up. They beat Kentucky 71-64 (Kentucky's first loss of the season making them 38-1 and the badgers 36-3). I would say they did really good besides their game against Duke with Duke leading Badgers 68-63.

Sports Talk

The Green Bay Packers had many chances to get to the super bowl. But what a shock once it was time to play the Seahawks then it all fell down for the Packers. The Packers are not good enough yet to play Seattle my reason is, because Seattle has better athletes that the Green Bay Packers and that causes the Packers issues when it comes to playing the Seahawks.