Ciarlo EDSP 432 Module 2 Activity 2

Response to the Impact of Disability on Families

What is the impact of having a child with a disability on families?

The impact on families of having a child with a disability can be very difficult especially if you don't know about resources that are out there for these families to utilize. I think that the impact can be even harder on the siblings in the family. This is because parents' time can be more focused on the child with a disability than their siblings. Although this is not true for every case because each one is different. I think that knowing what resources are available for you and your family can really help. By going to your local health care facility or even school will help you learn about the resources that are available.

3 Sources

10 Helpful Special Needs Organizations - A list of 10 organizations that can help support parents and their child with a disability. These sites can help connect parents to resources like support groups, seminars, health care facilities, and sports organizations.

Having a Sibling with a Disability video (see below) - In this video two siblings talk about their experiences growing up with a sister who has cerebral palsy and their feelings about their family life.

Autism's Affect on Siblings video (see below) - In this video, CBS talks to a doctor who specializes in helping parents and siblings with their family member who has autism.

Having a sibling with a disability

" I feel like I had to grow up rather quickly - and I didn't have as much quality time with my mum and dad to just be a kid" - Charlotte, 19

Autism's Affect On Siblings

What I've Learned

I have learned that the siblings of a child with a disability can feel left out and lonely. They can also feel jealous that their sibling is taking away from their time with their parents. Siblings won't speak about how they are feeling because they either don't want their parents to worry about something else or they don't want to seem selfish. I have also learned that while siblings don't like having their time with their parents to be limited or taken away they realize that their sibling needs their parents more than they do at that time. I learned from that video that in the UK there are support groups where the siblings can talk to other siblings about what they feel and are going through.

I also learned from the Organizations website that we have a lot of groups here that parents and families can go to for support. I also learned that there are groups that can point families in the direction of seminars, health care facilities, and sport organization for their child with disabilities.

Take Aways

I learned a lot especially from the video about what it is like having a sibling with a disability. One take away was that the older sibling in this video felt she had to grow up quickly and missed out on certain things in her childhood.

A second take away was that some siblings felt jealous at time that their sibling with the disability was taking that parent time away from them.

My third take away is from the Autism's Affect on Siblings video. I learned that the siblings of a child with autism can feel very lonely and left out growing up.

My fourth take away is from the 10 Helpful Special Needs Organization site. It was that there are resources and groups just for parents who have a child with a disability as well as ones for their child.

My fifth take away is that there is a group called Parent to Parent USA that will help match parents with other parents who have a child with the same disability. This is so that these parents can connect and help support one another.