Content Igloo Magazine

Content Igloo Magazine helps business perform better online

Content Igloo Magazine

Content Igloo Magazine helps business perform better online

Content Igloo Magazine for IPad

What is Content Igloo Magazine

Content Igloo Magazine is a content marketing magazine that helps business and website owners publish high quality content, on a consistent basis that people will love.

Why is Content Marketing Important?

  1. Because your potential new customers want to be educated, not sold to, about your products and services.
  2. Google will reward consistent, high quality content marketing efforts with high search engine ranking results.
  3. High quality content is shared virally across the web creating further audience reach

Helping You Succeed
By providing you with the best Content Marketing experts from across the web, Content Igloo Magazine will help you with research, content strategies, creating content, publishing, distributing and syndicating your content so your online presence starts to soar.

Leading Your Market
Building your online presence positions you as an expert, conveys authority, credibility and ultimately build trust with your target audience.

Magazine for the IPad

Content Igloo Magazine is an app for the IPad. It can be downloaded from the ITunes Newsstand on the IPad.

What to Expect

  • Content Igloo Magazine is a free app for the IPad
  • Each monthly edition is delivered to the IPad via the app
  • Each edition costs $7.49
  • Subscribers get each edition at a 30% discount off full retail
  • You can get the first month free (see bottom of the page)

Would You Like to Get the First Edition Free?

By using the coupon code supplied, you can get the first edition free if you subscribe.

Psst... read down to the bottom to find out about the free coupon code.

Like the First Edition Free?

How to Redeem Secret Coupon Code

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Our Contributors

Sample of what you will get

Below is a video that is contained inside the first edition of Content Igloo Magazine.
Content Igloo Magazine for iPad ~ Whats inside
The above video was shot using the techniques learned from the 'IPhone Video Hero' training. Read the review inside the app.

An app by Wadimedia Pty Ltd

Wadimedia is a multimedia company dedicated to helping people market their products and services online.

Current projects include:

  • Apple NewStand app development – Digital Magazines
  • Software for online education
  • Software for content marketing
  • Online training products for Small and Medium Size Business markets
  • Corporate Social Media consulting and training
  • Client Services – strategy, web development, search engine optimisation, social media

Secret Coupon Code

To get the first edition free, just subscribe to the 'Content Igloo Magazine' app on your ipad after downloading it from the Apple iTunes, Newsstand.

Then click 'current subscribers', a box will appear where you can enter the coupon code: GIFTFORFRIENDS

How to Redeem Secret Coupon Code PDF Instructions