STUFF to Try for May 29th

The Summer Edition!

1. GIVE some feedback on the STUFF to TRY daily newsletters. It is greatly appreciated!

2. READ as much as you can. (Thanks to the SPPS Librarians for these LibGuides)

3. CREATE a mix on Incredibox.

4. GO on a whole bunch of virtual field trips. (Thanks SPPS Librarians for curating this site)

5. WATCH NASA Live throughout the summer.

6. LEARN how to re-grow everything in your kitchen.

How To Regrow Everything

7. JOIN read alouds and author visits. (Thanks SPPS Librarians for these complete calendars)

8. LISTEN to an inspiring story of a former olympic gymnast.

Laurie Hernandez | Her Personal Story behind She's Got This

9. CHECK out the STUFF to Try Archives.