Sugar Makes Your Body Weak

Join us Wednesday, June 17 at 7pm to view FED UP!

Fed Up: The Movie for Youth ages 10 and Older in Groton at Ideal Weight-Total Well Coach

Join us to view Fed Up: The Movie for Your ages 10 and older to learn HOW Sugar makes your body weak and what foods you can eat instead to make your body strong and powerful.

Please RSVP 617-666-1122 or email Coach Joyce: to save your seat!

Wednesday, June 14 at 7pm, Ideal Weight-Total Well Coach

112B Boston Road
Groton, MA 01450
Next to CVS and upstairs from Middlesex Savings Bank

Frequently Asked Questions about Sugar

What is sugar?
Why do I like it so much?
What happens to my body when I eat sugar?
What short-term health effects does sugar have on my body?
What long-term health effects does sugar have on my body?
How does sugar make me fat?
Will a little sugar hurt me?
Doesn't fruit have sugar?
Does sugar give me cavities?
Now that I know about sugar what can I do to have more energy, strength and health?

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FED UP - Official Trailer

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