Kinesics and Proxemics Project

By Clayton Aultman


Body movements and gestures that show a type of nonverbal communication.

Kinesics Example 1

You can tell that this man is very angry based of the fact that he is pointing at someone and yelling.
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Kinesics Example 2

You can tell that this man is excited because his is pumping his fist and smiling.
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Kinesics Example 3

You can tell that this boy is confused because he is scratching his head and scrunching his face.
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The amount of space between two people that shows the level of how comfortable the two people are with each other.

Proxemics Example 1

The space between these two guys shows that they are comfortable with each other but the relationship if professional.
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Proxemics Example 2

These two guys on the park bench show that they are uncomfortable around each other because they don't know each other.
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Proxemics Example 3

These two people hugging show that they are in a intimate relationship.
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