News from Mrs. Drudy 12/15/2015

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What We're Learning in 6th Grade Language Arts

Into the Ice: The Story of Arctic Exploration

This week's nonfiction text is Into the Ice: The Story of Arctic Exploration. Many people in history tried to become the first human to reach the North Pole. Some of the most daring and interesting attempts include the journey of Fridtjof Nansen, the balloon flight of Salomon Andrée, and the first officially successful expedition by Robert Peary. These men faced disappointment, disaster, and controversy on their journeys.

Spelling: Greek Roots


The Greek word part hydro means “water,” onym means “name,” arch means “primitive” or “ancient,” chronos means “time,” and crat means “rule.”

Phonics Words

1. hydrant

2. chronic

3. archive

4. synonym

5. antonym

6. democracy

7. hydrogen

8. aristocrat

9. dehydrated

10. chronicle

11. hydroplane

12. chronology

13. archaic

14. homonym

15. synchronize

16. hydraulic

17. archaeology

18. anarchy

19. hydroelectric

20. bureaucracy

Challenge Words

21. hydrophobia

22. chronological

23. anachronism

24. pseudonym

25. aristocracy

This spelling generalization meets the following Indiana Academic Standard:

"Use common, grade-appropriate Greek or Latin affixes and roots as clues to the meaning of a word (e.g., audience, auditory, audible). "

Notes from the Teacher

Spirit Week (Continued)

We will continue with our Spirit Week theme days for the following:

Wednesday: Mt. Carmel/Franklin County/School Spirit Day

Thursday: PJ Day

Friday: Christmas Colors/Ugly Sweater Day

Students can dress up for one canned good item each day.

All donations will be donated to Harvest Time Storehouse.

Coming Up:

December 18th: 2nd Nine Weeks A.R. points due

December 21-January 1st: Christmas Break