EU information

France was one of the founders of the in EU. They joined/created the EU in 1958


France in located in Western Europe bordering by the bay of Biscay, between Belgium and Spain , sountheast of the UK ; bordering the Mediterranean Sea , between Italy and Spain.


France flag has 3 vertical color of blue , white , and red known as "le drapeau tricolore" dates to 1790 and the French Revolution .

Capital and four cities

The capital city of France is Paris and 4 other popular cities in France is Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, and Nice.


In France there are 70-80 million tourists. One of the most popular parts of France in the Eiffel Tower. It is known for is architecture beautiful view.


640,427 sq km of land and 3,374 sq km of water. Mostly flat plains or gently rolling hills in north and west, and remainder is mountains.


France currency in the euro.

Interesting facts

1. France today is one of the most

Modern countries in the world and a leader among European nations.

2. France is known of it's fashion.

3. Half of France is surrounded of water.


France has a republic government.