Why aren't women treated equal with men?

Why is the United States so far behind on gender equality?

This main question of mine was extremely difficult for me to answer. During my research, I kept picking through articles in search of an answer. Did I find one? Not necessarily. I can partially answer my question in snippets. The main reason supporting why the United States is so far behind on gender equality is the fact that there is a pay gap amongst men and women. In 1963, the Equal Pay Act was passed stating that it was illegal for any woman to recieve less pay than a man at work. (CNN) What happened to that act? Why don't we use it today? Women also have never won presidential elections and women have always been judged more harshly for things that they do or wear. Then there's sexual discrimination at work and elsewhere. Yes men can be sexualized, but it's typically the women who recieve more of it. It's surprising to know that it hasn't even been one hundred years since women gained the right to vote! There's even a stereotype that only men can be doctors! There are other countries that are ahead of us in the gender equality area, but there are also other countries far behind us as well. Will the United States ever have full equality for both men and women? It will take years.

My Small Questions on Feminism

Is there a specific reason why women don't earn the same job salaries as men?

This was a particularly important question to me throughout my research. I didn't get a straightforward answer but I do know that there is still a wage gap amongst men and women today. I discovered that on average in 2010, women only made seventy-seven cents to every dollar that a man earned at work. (Summer harvard.edu) This is unfair to me. Every woman is potentially capable of everything that a man is capable of. It's said that women are supposed to stay home and take care of household chores and children. This is one of the reasons why women earn less pay. The wage gap last year was twenty-two percent which means that a woman over the age of fifteen working full time earned twenty-two percent less than a typical male over the age of fifteen working full time. (Anna Bernasek) I believe that there will always be a wage gap. According to a study conducted by the American Association of University Women, after taking into account college major, occupation, economic sector, hours worked, months unemployed since graduation, grade point average and type of undergraduate it was found that the women working after graduating from college still recieve less pay than a man who is working and graduated from college. (Anna Bernasek) There is no specific reason to why women don't earn the same job salaries as men. This has a lot to do with gender inequality. Men still remain on that higher pedestal.

Why did men create meninism to strike back at women?

So recently, men have created a meninist group to strike back at women and feminism. Originally, meninism started out as a joke and as an account on Twitter. (Left Wing Nation) As time went on, the group branched into a group of men who felt that it was unfair for women to demand power. They felt that they should have power and rights too. Don't they already? The thing is, women don't want power over men. We simply want equality whether it be equal wages or anything else, we yearn to be treated equally in comparison to men. According to addictinginfo.com, meninism is defined as a group that is completely against women and feminism. It was also created for men who feel that their bodies are often sexualized in a negative way. (sshsroar.com) They created the movement to show that women don't deserve power and that all men aren't considered equal not only by society but by women as well.

Why are girls the only ones with school dress codes?

Typically, girls are the only ones with school dress codes. Sure, a boy has certain rules too, but many schools have made the decision to crack down on girls. Girls have to be aware of what they wear to school because it could be too distracting to a boy's education. I personally think it's strange that a boy would freak out if they saw a girl's shoulder, but hey I'm a girl so I wouldn't know. There's what's known as a double standard with school dress codes. There was a young girl named Lauren Wiggins who goes to high school in Canada. One day at school, she was called out by her teachers because her clothing was deemed to be too revealing. She was suspended from school for a week. In response to this, she wrote a formal letter to her vice principal. In the letter, she basically stated that if a boy can't control himself if he sees a girl's shouder or revealed skin, that they need to return home and practice self control. (Anna Bernasek) I compltely agree with her. Why is it our fault that we want to wear comfortable clothing at school and that some boys are unable to control their actions? There have been many other cases of girls being called out for the clothing that is "too revealing". A young girl from California was kicked out of and banned from her own prom! Prom is supposed to be one of the best nights of a girl's life. At least she wasn't wearing the revealing dress during school hours! The majority of girls don't dress to look sexy. We just want to show up at school in comfortable clothing. It's awful when the weather gets warmer to have to worry about the straps on my tank top being too thin or the length of my shorts being too short. I have never shopped for summer clothing that is considered appropriate for school. No girl pays attention to the length of their shorts. It's a waste of time. I'm hoping that some day, schools will let up their unfair dress codes.

Why don't women typically win presidential elections?

Women have never won a presidential election potentially because we are said to not be as capable of doing tasks that men can do or as smart. Women have ran multiple times to become prescient but have never succeeded. In fact, Hillary Clinton herself has run a few times. She is currently planning to run in the election of 2016. Will she win? It isn't very likely becasue she's a woman. I belive that women are extremely capable of being president someday. I live for the day when our first female president is elected. It is said that many women running for an election aren't viewed by their ideas or policies but by what they are wearing and their appearance. (Www online.org) There are also some people who belive that women shouldn't ever become president because of their hormones. They also believe that it would be crazy for a woman to lead our country into battle because of those hormones. (Www.rawstory.com) There are other countries with female leaders and presidents! Canada and South America have woman leaders. (Www.rawstory.com) What's up with the United States?