Refugees have a special place

in God's heart: Working for the dignity of "foreigners"

Another part of our dream comes true

Last month, another part of our dream became reality. We are so excited because three weeks ago we started working with three women who are refugees here in Mexico. One of them waited in the immigration center for more than three months and the other two women are still waiting for a decision (it will probably be about six months). Please pray for patience and a positive response.

These women come to Mexico because of violence. Antonia* lost one of her children to the gangs, which wanted to ‘recruit’ the other son. To get away from this horrible situation, they decided to come to Mexico and ask for asylum. The gangs also killed Maribel’s* husband, which prompted her decision to leave, along with all her family (seven people including two babies).

It’s wonderful to see that they are gradually recovering from their time in the center and the tragedies in their lives, to watch how God is healing the wounds of the past. We know that their new life in this city won’t be easy but their determination is very inspiring. They come from a different culture, context and lifestyle; Mexico City is a big place for them and there are so many things to understand and assimilate. Please pray for them and for God’s wisdom for us to know how to help them.

These women are now learning how to print and decorate simple dolls. The idea is to sell them and our hope is that they can start their own business. They often ask us “What colors do you use?” “How do I paint this?” We know that each decision they make helps affirm their self-esteem and empowers them for life in Mexico.

Many thanks to those who believe in Dreams, in these women, and in us. We are grateful to God for all His mercy and support in this journey.

* names have been changed

Something happens in “Borra la Violencia” (End the Violence)

After finishing one of the talks we do in schools, one of the guys approached me and said “I need to talk to someone. Do you have time? ... I have problems with violence. In these last few weeks, I have had several violent incidents but the worst was last week when I took my girlfriend’s neck in my hands and started squeezing it….I let go immediately,” he said, and I noticed the anguish in his eyes, “but I have a problem: when I get angry, I lose it. And I don’t know how to control myself.”

After talking for a few minutes, he decided to seek help for his problem. He is now in therapy with a professional, but we keep in touch. He knows that we are missionaries and sometimes asks us about our faith. Please pray for Miguel*, that he will end the violence and find the God of peace.

Partners In Community International - Mexico

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