The UK & the USA

The United Kingdom and the United States

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The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a parliamentary democracy, with the House of Commons and House of Lords being the chambers that laws are written. Their economy is a capitalistic economy. The UK's Head of State is the Queen of England and the one who acts as the Prime Minister is David Cameron.
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Capitalism in the United Kingdom

The UK has a lot of history behind it's practice of capitalism. It was the first place in Europe to have it's industrial revolution. This happened because the British Empire had all the resources needed and their government let people use their money however they wanted. People could invest in industries such as railroads, coal mines, and textile factories. This led to the British Empire having one of the largest economies in the world at the time. This still happens to this very day.

Shared Culture with the United States

The United States being a once British territory, the two nations share a lot of the same culture. The US economy is very similar to the UK's and some the fashion found in the UK can be found in some parts of the US.