Personality of Erin Parrish

The Advocate

My Reaction to My Results

I was not very surprised by my results. They seemed pretty spot on to how I am and how I deal with things in my daily life.
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Strengths and Weaknesses


  • creative
  • insightful
  • inspiring and convincing
  • decisive
  • determined and passionate
  • altruistic


  • sensitive
  • extremely private
  • perfectionist
  • always need to have a cause
  • can burn out easy

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  • passionate in relationships
  • they always try to make their partner happy
  • they cherish the person they are dating
  • caring
  • friendly
  • warm and insightful


  • Their relationship with children will reflect off of the one they have with friends
  • raise someone to be independent
  • someone to be responsible
  • devoted to their children

Career Path

  • counselors
  • psychologist
  • doctors
  • life coaches
  • spiritual guides

Workplace Habits

They are good to be their own bosses and not good to listen to others. They like the generally interact with the people and idea that are important to them.


Very few personality types are as sensitive and mysterious like Advocates. They cherish what means the most to them and also their integrity. We are easily tripped up when it comes to doing something they care about. Our personality type is very rare.
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