Broadband Extended!


Groundbreaking service set to deliver high-speed Internet to rural locations!

Upcoming Pilot Project: Reboot June 2013!

ASA Networks is (finally!) bringing broadband connectivity to the Gallatin/Ancram area.

ASA Networks is a next-generation wireless ISP catering to those who have been unable to get proper broadband service - until now. Using newly available spectrum (so-called TV White Spaces), ASA Networks Super-Fi service will bring fast and reliable Internet access to outlying areas, where alternatives have been limited or non-existent.

A special offer for select Gallatin, Ancram, & Pine Plains residents: Free Broadband Internet connection

Sign Up for Free!

No one should go without broadband and neither should you. We have a technology pilot coming up in which we'll be doing a little tweaking before we open up the service to the general public. In the meantime, you and your neighbors have the opportunity to participate in our upcoming pilot test in Gallatin and surrounding areas.

What's the catch?

At the beginning there's always a few quirks to work out. In exchange for your patience and confidence in us we'll give you the service absolutely free during the trial period. Later on once we're fully launched, you'll have the option of continuing the service with us.

Interested? No need to wait, fill out this FORM and we'll let you know if your area has been selected.

Please come to a public informational meeting at Gallatin Town Hall

Tuesday, Sep. 3rd, 6pm

Gallatin Town Hall, 667 County Route 7, Pine Plains, NY

Want to know more? Interested in participating? Come, learn and sign up!

Presentations by ASA Networks team will explain the technology, trial and service offering in detail. Sign-up forms will be available to residents and businesses. Questions & answer session will follow.

Can’t make the meeting? Just fill out this FORM and let us know of your interest.

Introducing SUPER-FI!

A wireless service so good, you'll wonder how you've ever lived without it.

Have you been waiting for a genuine broadband connection to reach your home? 3Mb? 6Mb? Super-Fi service makes it possible. Trees? Hills? No problem. Our signal can penetrate almost any obstacle, from trees to walls, which is especially important in rural areas.

We are ASA Networks!

ASA Networks is a NYC-based startup. Our leadership team includes executives with decades of experience providing wireline broadband internet services as well as large-scale wireless deployments.