A huge problem.

What are haters?

Haters are the Daleks of the internet. All they ever do is hate! Haters love something... what is it? HATE! They hate Doctor Who. They hate Bronies! They hate everything!
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Why are haters like Daleks?

The answer is simple. They hate everything so they try to 'exterminate' by insulting everyone! If they could they would blow it all to tiny pieces.
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Should we ignore them?

No! If we ignore them they will keep on coming! We must fight back! I use memes that are related to what they are hating.
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Why memes?

I know what you're wondering... "Why use memes?" So, i'm going to tell you an experience i had with a hater. I was on a pony role-playing game. It was a normal day. The suddenly a hater came on.He insulted bronies. I used memes and won. Simple as that.


Haters gonna hate only if we let them. Don't let them hate.