Welcome to Eliville

By Eli

Accessibility and safety


If you buy a house it is near a train station, school, and other useful places. The train station can take you to work if you work in the city. The school is within walking distended from the residential area. There is also a park so the kids can enjoy playing in a big area.


When your walking around you can feel safe because all of the people are nice and the police are near the residential area.

My city is not based on any other city so it is unique from the other cities. I put the stadium near the residential because you can easily get there and not get stuck in the traffic because everyone wants to see the game.

The things my city has

  • Police
  • Hospital
  • Fire station
  • Stadium
  • Public pool
  • Housing
  • Power station
  • Train station
  • Parks
  • Entertainment places.
  • Schools
  • Church's
  • Shops
  • Apartments
  • Offices
  • Water front
  • Parliament
  • Transport

Landmark and why is the city front close to the water


My landmark is the tallest building in the city and it is owned by Eli Inc. In the building people work to benefit others and help them with there lives.

City front

My city front is close to the water because when your ride past in a boat you see all of the tall buildings and be amazed.