Clear Sky Magazine

Edition 5: March 12, 2015

Farewell Jonathan!

It was great having you on our team, good luck with everything!

Purim Re-Cap!

Theresa Oakley's Awesome Transformation Using 5K Runner

"I never thought I would get off the couch and do a 5K in my life. But it was always a dream. I love love love your app. I walked/ran my first 5K in October! I'm signed up for my second in December and I will run the whole thing. Looking forward to a 10K in the spring and I will still be training with your app. Pic of me on the couch... running to the finish line on my first 5k. Life begins in your 40's!"

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What Our Users Are Saying About Our Apps

"To the Team who wrote From the Couch to a 5K and 10K Runner. I've completed both programs and I'm beside myself with joy. I was the epitome of a couch potato when I began your program. I, like many who start running, dreaded running for two minutes. Now, my fastest 5K is sub 30 minutes at 28:52 and my fastest 10K is 1:03:35. I've also lost 50 lbs. Not bad for a 53 year old, former couch potato... Thank you 5K Runner for changing and extending my life. Keep up the suburb work!"

- Rick Horvath (5K Runner, Facebook)

“This app is a lifesaver when I had a terrible time sleeping during my pregnancy. Now my little one is 14 months young and we drift off together with this app. It was worth every penny!”

- Lyndie11 (Sleep Pillow, App Store)

"I’ve tried other password apps, but Passible is the only one i found myself becoming truly comfortable with. It’s very secure and the interface is clean, simple and intuitive. Both easy to use and incredibly helpful"

- Exordiuum (Passible, App Store)

"I'm so happy!! I've just completed the couch to 5k program (& I literally did it from the couch!). I've lost 3 1/2 stones in the process & got my severe depression under control all because I can run! A year ago I couldn't walk up the stairs, now I can run 5k and it feels amazing! I've just registered my entry into the Birmingham half marathon in October & I've downloaded the next stage apps bundle to help me get there & achieve my weight loss & fitness goals. I have my life back and it's all thanks to this life changing program, thank you!! X x”

- Lynn Brookes (5K Runner, Facebook)