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October 2021

Dear Families,

School is in full swing...and so are pumpkin spice lattes :)

Below are a few reminders from our office. We also have some great updates of things happening this month at BHS and in the community:

  • Juniors- Sign up and take the PSAT for FREE at BHS!
  • Great community programs are starting up!
  • New dates & registration links for virtual college fairs
  • Save the date for 9th Grade Parent Night!

If you need us, please do not hesitate to give us a call or schedule an appointment using your Calendly links. Our contact information can be found on the BHS Counseling Website below.

We wish you all peace and wellness.


BHS Counseling Office

(585) 242-5000 x4526


The annual PSAT is being administered at no cost to ALL JUNIORS on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 at 8:00 AM at BHS!

*If you or your junior are choosing to opt out of the PSAT, please contact Jane Ingle at or at 585-242-5000, ext. 4526.

Information about the day of the test:

  • The test will go from 8 AM to 12:30 PM with various breaks in between. The exam may go longer if students have testing accommodations.
  • Approved AP College Board testing modifications will be provided to eligible students.
  • All students will follow an altered schedule on this day and juniors will eat lunch once they’re done testing.


The PSAT is designed to be a predictor of how we can expect a student to perform on the SAT exam. Students receive not only their scores from the PSATs but also an information sheet that identifies the specific questions answered correctly or incorrectly and their original test booklet. This allows the student an opportunity to work at strengthening their skills prior to the time the SAT is first taken (usually in May or June of their junior year).

The PSAT scores are NOT used for college admissions!

Part of the PSAT information requested on the day of the exam identifies potential collegiate and professional interests. This information allows colleges and universities with programs relevant to those interests to provide information to students so be prepared for an onslaught of college information to arrive at your home!

PSAT scores can qualify students for the National Merit Scholarship Program. If your student’s score qualifies them for this competition, notification will occur at the high school. Students can expect to receive PSAT scores (sent to the high school and given to the student) eight to ten weeks after the test.

If you have any questions about the PSAT, please contact Matt Comeau at or at 585-242-5000, ext. 4501. Thank you in advance.

9th Grade Parent Night

Thursday, Oct. 14th, 6:30pm

BHS Auditorium

Come learn about what's to come at BHS over the next four years- graduation requirements, clubs, supports and more!

For those of you who cannot make it in-person, a Zoom link will be emailed to you 15 minutes prior to the start of the session.

BHS Counseling Services

BHS has a long standing tradition of offering individual and group counseling services to all students. We hope to get our groups up and running by November!

Please check out the QR code below for more information and instructions on how to sign up!

Online Teen Anxiety Group for Girls

We are once again enrolling teens (grades 7-12) in our Online Anxiety Group for Girls, which will be beginning again in mid October. Most major insurance is accepted.

Thank you!

Rachel Glazer, LMSW

Licensed Social Worker

Jewish Family Service of Rochester

920 Winton Road South, Suite 101

Rochester NY 14618


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Jobs & Work Permits

As jobs come to our office, Mrs. Stern will forward them directly to students using their BCSD emails.

PARENTS- if you or your company are looking to employ HS students, please email so we may advertise for you!

It's a good idea to apply for a work permit prior to seeking employment!

If you are aged 14-17, you will need a work permit to hold a job in New York State.

Working papers are divided into two age groups:

  1. 14-15 year-olds - Your work permit is blue.
  2. 16-17 year-olds – Your work permit is green. *The number of hours you are eligible to work increases.

What You Will Need

  1. Physical Fitness Certification - You will need to have had a doctor's exam within the last 12 months verifying you are physically fit for work. During the school year, the school nurse may complete this form if an updated health form is on file in her office. Otherwise, complete the top portion of the form and take it to your doctor’s office for a signature. The form can be pick up from a secretary in the Counseling Office or use the link below:
  2. AT-17 Application - An application can also be pick up from a Counseling Office secretary. Fill out Part One only of the application and have your parent or guardian sign it. You can also use this link:
  3. Pick up work permit - When you have both forms signed, bring them to the Counseling Office to receive a work permit. Students are required to sign their permit in front of a school secretary who will check your identification in SchoolTool. No proof of identification is necessary if you are a registered student.
  4. Remember - When you turn 16, you will need to upgrade your 14–15 year-old work permit (blue) to a 16–17 year-old work permit (green). **A new application and Physical Fitness Certification will be required. **

Additional Work Permits

If you need another work permit for a new job (same color permit for the same age), stop by the Counseling Office. A new work permit will be issued using the same permit number that was originally assigned, as your application is kept on file.

Questions: Contact Mrs. Ingle at 585-242-5000 x4526 or


Work Based Learning

Please see below if you are interested in any of our WBL programs:

General Work Experience

  • Had a job this summer or during the school year?
  • Will you work at least 150 hours?
  • Are you a rising junior or a senior?
  • If you answered yes to the questions above, contact Mrs. Stern about earning HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT next year just for having a job!

Professional Internship/Job Shadowing

If COVID allows, we can work together to figure out a career exploration plan!

For more detailed information on either programs, please check out our site:

Email Mrs. Stern if you are interested in either of these programs.

Calling all mentors- we need placements for student interns!

Hands on experiences are the best way to learn more about the career opportunities available to our young adults. And our students are asking for them! When we thought about who our students could learn from, we wanted to first look to the professionals in our own back yard.

PARENTS- If you are interested in possibly hosting a student for a Job Shadow experience or Professional Internship in the future, we encourage you to fill out the survey below. There is no obligation to host a student shadow or intern currently. It is merely helping us to create a network of professionals in our community. If you have paid jobs available for students, please email Courtney Stern directly.

If you have any questions regarding the programs below, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. Thank you in advance for considering hosting a student shadow or intern in the future!

Students- if you are interested in a Job Shadow, Internship or earning credit for your Work Experience next year, reach out to Mrs. Stern and we can see what we can do!

Courtney Stern, College & Career Counselor

Sam Rizzo, CTE Coordinator

Career Connections & Community Programs

Explorer Posts

Explorer posts are a GREAT way to get hands-on learning experiences in careers- they can also count as INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE HOURS! Many Explorer Posts ARE RUNNING.

Visit their website to learn more about the Exploring programs:

**You can earn INTERNSHIP CREDIT for joining an Explorer Post! See Mrs. Stern for details!

American Red Cross- Greater Rochester Youth Leadership Program

The Youth Leadership Program is a FREE program open to 9th-12th graders within Monroe County through the Greater Rochester Chapter of the American Red Cross where students participate in interactive, hands-on-based learning to acquire essential leadership, life, and service skills which they can take back to their homes, schools, and communities, as well as in correlation with efforts toward the Red Cross mission.

Session Topics Include: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, International Humanitarian Law, Disaster Preparedness, Leadership 101 (with an emphasis on personality assessments), Time Management, Resume Writing & Interviewing, Fundraising, Public Speaking, Emotional & Social Intelligence, Conflict Resolution & Restorative Practices, and more.

**It is the student's responsibility to inquire about the program and to fill out and submit their application by December 6th in order to be considered. Applications submitted by anyone other than the student themselves will not be accepted.

For information please contact our Youth Leadership Program Specialist, Kristen Clineburg via email at or by calling 585-397-6266.

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Class of 2022

Please check out the Senior Newsletter and Senior Information Page on the BHS Counseling Website for all up to date information!

Class of 2024

Sophomores! Seminar starts NOVEMBER 4th- we look forward to seeing you soon!

Class of 2025

Freshmen meet and greets are under way!

You should have or will be getting a blue pass to meet your counselor and learn a bit more about what we'll be doing together for the next four years. We are so excited to get to know!

College Rep Visits to BHS

College Reps are still visiting, in-person and virtually, through Thanksgiving!

We will post the coming week's visits here, updated every Friday:

Reps will be visiting in-person and virtually.

  • Be sure to SIGN UP for the visit in Naviance.
  • If a rep is in person, they will be in room 257 (the conference room across from the Counseling Office)
  • If they are virtual, you will be able to access a link to their zoom via Naviance. You may come to the Counseling Office and we can help find you a quiet space to attend if needed.
  • You will need teacher permission to attend if the visit takes place during a class.

You are welcome to sign up for as many visits as you'd like! We encourage you to sit in on the ones you know, as well as some that you've never heard of before. There are so many INCREDIBLE institutions all over the country with phenomenal opportunities. You just don't know about them yet!

Be sure to check out Naviance for a complete list of ALL visits this season starting in September. Check often- we get new visits scheduled every day!

College Exploration Experiences

Student registration now open for NYSACAC Fall Virtual College Fairs!

General Freshman Fairs

Monday, October 18th: 5-8 p.m.

Student registration:

Sunday, November 7th: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Student registration:

Students will have the opportunity to visit with over 75 admissions representatives at each fair in individual Zoom rooms, and students and families from all grades are invited to attend.

If you or your students have any questions, please feel free to contact us at


NYSACAC College Fair Committee

Haniya Mee, Oakwood Friends School

Chris Scheppner, St. Bonaventure University

Find the College for You at NACAC Virtual College Fairs

Hundreds of colleges and universities from the US and worldwide will be ready and waiting to talk with you at these upcoming NACAC Virtual College Fairs.

Don't miss these free, one-day events for high school students, transfer students, and families. Go to to see the list of participating colleges. Then log in on any fair date to attend Zoom sessions, text your questions, and demonstrate interest... all without leaving home. It's a great way to connect with hundreds of colleges in a short amount of time to learn about majors, scholarship, and more.

National College Resources Foundation

VIRTUAL College Expos!

Latino College Expo- September 18th, 3-6pm

NY Black College Expo- October 1st, 3-6pm

STEAM College Expo- November 4th, 3-6pm

Click here for more info and to regsiter:

Ways to get "on campus"

Although you may not be able to physically get on campus right now, this is a great time to take a virtual trip! Check out these resources:

  • Individual college websites
  • Naviance (many of the colleges have videos and interactive information posted there)
  • - over 15,000 real videos, tours and experiences from 300+ college campuses, created by current students
  • Thanks to an incredible colleague in a College Admissions Counselor group who put together this working excel file. Including demographic data from College Board, she lists colleges in the US and Canada who offer virtual tours, youtube channels, etc. UK coming soon!
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BCSD Continuing Ed Classes

SAT Prep Courses

  • The SAT classes are open to juniors and seniors.
  • Students taking the SAT exam this fall can register for any class available. The title of the PSAT or SAT textbook students purchase and dates/times for classes can be found at


  • We have received approval to hold a NYS Driver’s Education class this fall.
  • Information from NYSED and NYSDMV is changing daily at this point but will be available in the BHS main office and in September.
  • There is less room available than usual due to Covid restrictions. We will communicate to students and parents that any seniors who register for this session have prioritized placement over non-seniors.
  • The NYS Five-hour Pre-licensing class continues to be held over Zoom and is offered to students and adults that register this Sunday and two or more times each following month.

Any students needing financial assistance have been directed to contact Jane Ingle by email or go to the Counseling Office during the school day.

Check out all courses available and register at:

Please reach out to Mona Zamiarski for any additional information

(585) 242-5200 ext. 5595

SAT & ACT Updates

If you have questions specific to BHS testing procedures, please reach out to Kristin Haughey: As things are changing so often, please refer to the testing sites for updated information:

Standardized exams have traditionally been a part of the college application. This year, due to COVID, many schools allowed students the option of submitting test scores or not. Juniors- It's safe to say it's a good idea to get an exam or two under your belt if you are thinking of applying to a four-year college. Below is some brief information about the two exams and the website to check out to get more information/sign up for the exams.


  • Designed to measure academic aptitude in verbal and numerical reasoning.
  • Test Content: Reading, Math and Writing.
  • Cost $55.00 (w/o writing)


  • Designed to measure academic achievement.
  • Test Content: English, Math, Reading and Science Reasoning.
  • Cost $60.00 (w/o writing)
  • Cost $80.00 (with writing)

Visit for a list of colleges that do not require standardized tests. Check in with your counselor about a Fee Waiver , if needed, to help cover the costs of the exams.



SAT- The BHS Counseling Office applies for all College Board test mods prior to your sophomore year (this summer). If approved, these will apply to all future SAT & AP Exams

ACT- you MUST REGISTER FOR AN ACT EXAM before we can apply for your test mods. Be sure to sign up early, indicate you will be requesting accommodations, and let your counselor know ASAP so we can get them processed before the test date. This typically takes 6-8 weeks.

Remember- both College Board and ACT are private companies. They have the right to approve or deny any test modifications you may have. If you have any questions, please reach out to your counselor or College Board/ACT for more information.


FREE IN-PERSON Proctored SAT & ACT Exams

Our friends at Chariot Learning and the Brighton Memorial Library will be running free IN-PERSON practice tests! All the details will be on their calendar:

Upcoming exam:

ACT – Saturday, 11/20, 12-4pm

Anyone in grades 9-12 are welcome to give it a try! Please pre-register by contacting Deena Viviani at 784-5300 or

Health and Wellness

Please check out the district's COVID-19 website for important updates, FAQs and information:

We have updated our BHS Counseling Department Mental Health page with resources specific to managing stress and anxiety related to this pandemic and counseling supports available in the community. Please check them out here:

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