Austin's Personality

\\ ISFJ //

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  • He spends more time with himself or close loved ones rather than going out to meet new people or mingle among crowds.
  • He takes moments to think of ways to improve himself rather than the world around him.
  • Having his alone time helps him revive and think about the difficulties he could be facing.


  • He takes experience by how he or others felt, rather than the main picture of the situation.
  • He reviews little facts and pieces things together rather than seeing everything overall and breaking it down.
  • He takes experience over hardcore facts sometimes.
  • He understands more of how a person works rather than their life history or events they've been through.
  • Sharing personal thoughts and ideas are important to him.


  • He takes matters to heart and treats things as though they are his own problem or situation to solve.
  • He would rather spend time with others to connect rather than get the facts and leave it at that.
  • He is compassionate about people he feels close to.
  • He knows few people personally rather than many people as acquaintances.


  • He likes having plans rather than being spontaneous.
  • Having a to-do list for difficult situations comforts him.
  • He spreads work over a decent time so he doesn't end up rushing last minute.
  • Making final decisions are important.
  • To him, leaving things open gives risks to mistakes.
  • He finishes work for others before doing anything for himself.