4C News

Friday, December 8th, 2017

MLK Jr. Poster Contest

Please see the directions below!


Mrs. Close's Class ~We have finished Module 3!! The class reviewed today. Each child is bringing home a review packet that has been completed and corrected. Please look that over before Monday because Monday is test day! Next week we’ll spend time reviewing the latest CML and the November MO. Please look for those to come home in next week’s Friday Folder.

Mr. Hart's Class ~ A letter on how to access Xtra math was placed in each Friday Folder. Kids are expected to complete one session over the weekend.


PAWS ~ The second assignment has been corrected and returned in Friday Folders. Please know that it is completely reasonable for kids to work on their essay at home. Many kids already know how to access their google account from home.

Read Aloud ~ We just got to the part where the Herdman's take all the lead roles in the pageant!

Fake Book ~ The kids completed most of their explorer research and have begun to create their "Fake Book" profile page. Hudson, Verrazzano, and Champlain are sure to look good in 2017!

Upcoming Holiday Events

*You'll see a permission slip in your child's Friday Folder to view How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Please return that on Monday.

*On Monday, December 18th, we be crafting!

* Team Spirit Week ~ December 18th - December 22nd

Monday - Holiday Head Gear Day - wear festive head boppers or hats

Tuesday - Candy Cane Day - wear red & white

Wednesday - Comfy Cozy Day - wear PJs, holiday if you have them :)

Thursday - Team T-Shirt Day - wear the yellow shirt

Friday - Grinch Day - wear green

*On Friday, December 22nd, we'll have a little party too! See the sign-up below.


Kids will need to bring instruments on Tuesday and Wednesday of the upcoming week.