The Kyle Chronicals

my life as kyle

brain hemosphere and personality!

the side of the brain that is my domonent is the left side but i am fairly the same amount on both sides.

My personality is orange, this means i will get my tasks done but i dont follow the restrictions, i need freedom in my work, i dont need a lot of rules or i wont do my work as well as i could.

Dont mess with da law!

my future career is to be a lawyer. my salary will be around $166,440. i will be a enviromental lawyer and i will live in tampa bay florida. i will have to go to school for 4 years plus law school. this career shows to stay at a steady growth every year.

My college

the college I plan to go to is North Carolina University.

I chose this college because they have an amazing law program and there academic scores are very high. The law school I want to go to is also North Carolina they are ranked 32nd in the nation for there law program.