Rome, Italy

An ancient city that was the capital of the Roman Empire

Come experience the glamourous eternal city.

With museums and monuments you will learn so much about Rome's history and past. If you are intrigued by religious things, rome became the center of the roman catholic church. if you love history, rome was once thew capital of the Roman Empire so they have a lot of history for the times of the Roman Empire. you will also love learning about how the italians immigrated more than 3,000 years ago. The glamourous eternal city intrigues many. To give you a breif history on rome, the founding of rome goes back to the very early days of civilization. It is so old, it is today known as the 'eternal city'. the romans believed that their city was founded in the year 753 BC. modren historians though believe it was the year 625 BC.

Soups up!!!

Come immerse yourself in the art of food. Before breakfast, be sure to stop by the market to pick up a variety of fruits and vegtabkes. then for lunch, you can tryout rome's many meats like sausages, pork. lamb, and ham found in the local market. If you are ready for dinner, you might want to try the hot homemade soup. With any meal, be sure to have a variety of herbs to go with it. A few of many foods you might want to eat while in rome is the Pasta e ceci: pasta and chickpeas soup, seasoned with rosemary or the Crostata di Ricotta:a kind of cheesecake made with fresh ricotta and candied fruits. If you love food, than you will love it in Rome.

Lets go have some fun!!!

Come have the time of your life. Come relax at a sidewalk cafe with a relaxing and delicious drink. If you like music, than come see some of our symphonic orchestras and our opera performances. You can also go see the oldest music academy. Lots of the most famous paintings and statues are in vatican palace. You will love your stay.

When in Rome.....

Come see what makes rome famous. You can come see the ginormous amphitheater that is known as the Colosseum. You also need to go to vatican city. A city inside a city!!!!! While in Vatican City, you need to go see all of the vatican paintings. You also need to go see the Sistine Chapel and St. Peters Basilica. Rome is famous for many things.

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Time to Talk

Come experience the languages of rome. The written language of rome is latin. They romans don't really speak latin but it is there written language. The romans speak italian and french now. If you want even more, they speak spanish and Portuguese. Last but not least, the romans speak Romanian, many in rome even speak a little english. you might want to learn a few phrases like good morning etc. The Romans speak many languages.

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Dress for success!

What type of weather do you prefer? Some like the temperatures above 80 degrees and they would choose to go in the summer. If you like the temperatures around 70 than you would go in the autumn or winter. If you prefer mid 60's, you should go in the spring. rome has beautiful weather all year in rome is wonderful.


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