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Chief Executive Officer at US Housing Investments

Entering Business Leadership with Randy Allen of NC

Randy Allen of NC is the President and Chief Operating Officer of US Housing Investments, as well as a number of real estate companies. Throughout his long career, which began in 1972, Randy Allen of NC has held countless leadership positions and has taken the lead on countless individual projects. For those looking to get into business leadership, Randy Allen of NC has the following tips.

Network Like a Professional

For Randy Allen of NC, creating ties is one of the most important aspects of doing business. Throughout his career, Randy Allen of NC has found that many of the best ideas for collaboration come out of conversations and the sharing of different perspectives. However, networking isn’t just about attending the right events; it’s about making a sincere connection with people whose interests you share. For Randy Allen of NC, it’s not about who you know—it’s about who you know well.

Understand the Theory

While some might say that leadership is a quality you either have or don’t have, Randy Allen of NC believes differently. Of course, there are some important qualities you might want to start out with, but Randy Allen of NC has seen for himself that learning about leadership itself is a great way to get ideas that you can put into practice. Whether you attend a leadership seminar or simply read about the experience of great leaders, you can learn more about what makes a more effective leader.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Leadership roles can be overwhelming at first, as Randy Allen of NC learned firsthand at the beginning of his career. You might doubt yourself or you may not immediately know how to diffuse interpersonal disputes or business crises. For Randy Allen of NC, practice made perfect. The more Randy Allen of NC practiced being a leader, the more comfortable he became in the role and the more effective he became.

Randy Allen of NC on the Benefits of Single-Family Housing Developments

Since 1972, Randy Allen of NC has been planning the development of large and small single-family home communities throughout the southeastern United States. In this long and successful career, Randy Allen of NC has seen firsthand how this type of living arrangement dramatically benefits residents and their families. If you’re considering moving to a single-family home community, developer Randy Allen of NC has the following points for your consideration.

Access to Amenities

Housing communities are well known for their exclusive amenities. From gyms and golf courses to beautiful landscaping projects, housing developments offer their residents access to activities and luxuries intended solely for the members of the community. Some of the amenities offered by developments that Randy Allen of NC has built even include marinas, efficient on-site utilities, and clubhouses.

Better Peace of Mind

Most housing communities have far better security than individual homes. Gated access ensures that no one will enter the community who shouldn’t be there and newly built homes are typically equipped with their own alarm systems. Beyond that, says Randy Allen of NC, many residents find comfort in the knowledge that neighbors and staff are close by in case of emergency. This feeling tends to be increased, too, because the community fosters a sense of togetherness and most neighbors are quite friendly and look out for each other.

Simplified Homeownership

Additionally, homeowners can enjoy the privilege of using these community amenities without performing maintenance work themselves. The homeowners association will hire professional services to care for common use areas. Homeowners therefore only need care about their individual homes while association fees pay for the maintenance of roads and other common-use amenities. If upgrading from a multi-family complex to single-family home, homeowners have the benefit of interacting with neighbors close to them initiating and maintaining a close community.

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Throughout his career, Randy Allen of NC has always made it a priority to share his financial success with others. To this end, Randy Allen of NC has chosen a number of causes to support with frequent donations. Randy Allen of NC has focused on working with charities and organizations that focus on improving quality of life for those dealing with vision impairment, as well as conducting research into the prevention and treatment of blindness and vision loss. Randy Allen of NC donates to the National Braille Press and the Metrolina Association for the Blind.