BushCraft Update!

songs, campfire, hot chocolate and a pirate play!

Our Thursday night adventure ...

Matt and I set off after choir this evening and after a trek through Colchester we arrived at West Mersea. They were just starting their BBQ when we arrived (good timing!) and it was lovely to be welcomed with lots of hugs and then constant chatter about what they had done all day. The day had comprised of high ropes, low ropes, caving, and a very very muddy assault course! They had also spent time on the beach all together which they had really enjoyed.

They had taken a while to get to sleep last night and woken early this morning, so they were all starting to look tired when we arrived.. (hoping that means a good nights sleep for all tonight!).

After munching through a bbq tea, pirate costumes (if they wanted to!) went on.. and we were all required to watch a group of 'pirates' and a shark perform a short play - which made us all laugh! Matt and I then led some traditional Meadows style camp fire singing and then marshmallows were melted and eaten quickly! PJ's on and we all moved to the dining hall were hot chocolate was waiting. We said our goodbyes and left them as they walked back to their huts, ready for bed.

All teachers have said how brilliant each child has been. Climbing high ropes, zip wires, dark cave tunnels, lots of mud - have shown that they are brave and confident. Time together with lots of laughter has shown how kind and considerate they all are. Even tidy huts and organised beds..

So.. a couple of pics from this evening.. They will be leaving tomorrow by 1pm, so feel free Firefly parents, to collect any time after 2.30pm - they will all need a hot bath and a very early night!