Disaster at Sea

By Maritza Tovar and Molly Blackburn

The approach

We approach the oil spill by putting hair in pantyhose to. We are trying to help the animals home.

Here is a arctic that we found


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Our total area

310.06 miles

should we be worried or not

Yes!!!! we should be be worried because animal will stared to die and it will kill lots of our food chains. We will lose and lot of our food.

Answer 1

Yes we think that it is because if we take out all the stuff that we did that it would be only a little stuff to clean up

Answer 2

We think that our area will be smaller than the actual spill because the oil spill will be in a bigger area than what we have to work on
Black Tears: The saddest video in the world - BP killed the planet - 2 years out and still dying
We hope that that touch you heart like it did to use
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