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  • They are endangered because of there habitat
  • They are found in South America
  • They can also be found in the Jungles in South America
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  • They can be active for 12 hrs a day.
  • Male Ocelots covers twice the distance as females do.
  • Ocelots are also really good swimmers.
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Body Covering

"The Ocelot has short and thick, velvety fur that is usually tawny-yellow to reddish-grey in colour and marked with black chain-like rosettes on it's back and sides."(A-Z Animals/Ocelots). They are hunted because of their fur.
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  • Ocelots are carnivores.
  • They hunt at night.
  • Birds, fish, crabs, lizards, rabbits and snakes are a few animals that ocelots hunt.
  • They are really picky eaters.


They mate around the end of summer. They have about 2 to 3 kittens. They are born blind and have a dark coat of fur. In about a month they will be able to see. They have two litter a year.
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  • They have strong claws to fight off prey and to hunt.
  • They have paws that seem stuck that help the ocelots swim.
  • Their fur tends to be different because of there habitat.

Other Info

  • They are endangered.
  • They were kept as pets.
  • They are worshiped by the Peruvian cultures.
  • People would include them in their artwork.
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