Facts about Platinum

The Man who Discovered Platinum

This is a picture of Antonio de Ulloa. Antonio de Ulloa was the man that discovered Platinum. Antonio de Ulloa discovered Platinum in 1735. Platinum was discovered in South America.

Facts about Platinum

Did you know that platinum got its name from the Spanish word Platina which means "little silver". Platinum is one the rarest elements with only one millionth of one percent found in the Earths Crust. Platinum is mainly produced in Canada, South Africa, and the Federation of Russia. Some of the Platinum that is produced is made into jewelry. Some native Americans used Platinum before it was even discovered. Platinum is probably one of the heavies elements in the world.
6 Things You Didn't Know About Platinum

Forms of Platinum

My Element Platinum

Platinum is great thing to wear for any important event that you are going to.

Cost = $31.86 per 1 gram

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