By: Chace


Of the many important things to know about a Lawyer, three of the most important are; their yearly income, education, and there duties and responsibilities.

Yearly income

A lawyer makes an average salary of $131,990 a year. The best lawyers $187,900 a year, The lowest paid made less then $55,170$. The highest earners worked in metropolitan areas of San Jose, San Francisco, and New York City.


Aspiring lawyers must complete law school. Applying to law school requires graduating from bachelors degree program and, in nearly all cases, taking the law school admission test. Applicants wanting to specialize in a particular field of law must consider an undergraduate degree in that field. For example, students who want to become tax attorneys might study accounting, while those interested in environmental law may consider majoring in environmental science.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Lawyer

1) Advise clients concerning business transactions, claim liability, advisability of prosecuting or defending lawsuits, or legal rights and obligations.

2) Interpret laws, rulings and regulations for individuals and businesses.

3) Analyze the probable outcomes of cases, using knowledge of legal precedents

4) Present and summarize cases to judges and juries.

5) Evaluate findings and develop strategies and arguments in preparation for presentation of cases.

6) Gather evidence to formulate defense or to initiate legal actions, by such means as interviewing clients and witnesses to ascertain the facts of a case.