Wise News and Notes Dec. 7-11

Taking Care of Each Other

Classroom Updates

We are turning a new look in our classroom ... this will be our weekly newsletter and provided to you via email and twitter. Please be on the look out for it at the start of each week.

Another new twist to third grade is that I am asking students to be in control of their actions. They will do this by informing you via a note written by them, if they are demonstrating a lack of self control in the classroom or with citizenship. If you receive one of these notes, please sign it and return it. Thanks for your support.

This month is going to fly by. I have seen a lot of growth in our classroom with self control and attitudes about learning. I am really enjoying the third graders. Thanks for having such cool kiddos.

Note from a mom who has sent one off to college ... I ask that you hold your child one extra time this season or read one extra book. The time right now is priceless, we must live in every moment and enjoy it to its fullest. Happy Holidays!

At the bottom of the newsletter, I will include weekly a game or activity that can be played at home to further our learning in the classroom This week it is a game called PIGS. We have played this in the classroom with addition and subtraction. It is great because it can be used for addition practice as you add up to 100 or subtraction as you subtract from 100. It can also be used for multiplication practice. You would use the answer (product) of the multiplication problem to then add to 100. Enjoy!

Our Studies ...

Math: Ways to multiple and how division relates to multiplication.

Reading: Starting a Fantasy unit ... Reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane & creating book projects with our reading group books. (I am really looking at and talking about presentation and quality of work).

Writing: Writing our research papers. Our goal is to publish them by next TH.

Science: Magnets

Word Work: New Words - practice week - We will make a plan to test before break (W & TH)

No Excuse Words: New Words on Monday and test on Friday

No Excuse Words are words that we have NO EXCUSE spelling incorrectly. They are developmental to third grade. We will practice them throughout the week and be asked to write sentences with them on Fridays. Words will carry over from week to week. This means that we will be held accountable for all words that we have practiced and each week we will add new ones. I will grade their sentences looking at any words that our on our no excuse board.

Monthly Focus - Using our words & Quality of work

We will continue to discuss the use of our words to communicate to our friends and classmates.

I am adding a focus that looks at quality work. What does it look like and how can we produce that?

(Writing our name on our paper, adding a title so we know what it is, no doodles around the paper, erasing marks and not scribbling over them, etc.)

Twas the Night Before Christmas Celebration

Happy Holidays Families!

It is time for us to celebrate literature, and our studies. We are starting a study of the various versions of Twas’ the Night Before Christmas. We will be looking to see how author’s use words to describe and represent the character’s personality and setting.

I am excited for the third graders to once again bring literature alive through projects from the book. We will have a celebration for 1 hour and 15 minutes. This will be ample time for students to rotate between six stations and create works or art, to display or eat. :)

Thank you for your support and time in helping us love learning!

When: 12/18

Where: Room 302

Time: 12:15-1:30

We are needing the following items to make our creations. We will also need helpers at each station. All are welcome and all will be put to work helping the third graders celebrate the love of learning. If you are able to donate an item or help with the stations please email Glenna Hollis (Brayden's mom) at glennahollis@gmail.com. Thanks!

1 large container of rolled oats (generic okay)

2 red sprinkles & 2 green sprinkles (the crystal kind)

24 candy canes

3 containers of white frosting

1 containers of chocolate frosting

Christmas sprinkles

2 bags of teddy grahams

50 small candy canes

Important Dates

12/13 Cabot Parade @3:00PM

12/16 Marco's Pizza Night

1217 School Wide Pajama Day

12/17 & 12/18 Early Dismissal (2:00)

12/21-1/1 Winter Break

1/4 First Day of Second Semester