Algebra STAAR

1. Know the vocabulary.

You must know the vocabulary to understand what the questions are asking. Be sure to review your vocabulary packet or NTK page.

2. Go to bed early the night before.

You need a good night's rest to think straight!

3. Eat breakfast.

You can't think on an empty stomach!

4. Think positive!

I believe in you and you should believe in yourself. You have worked hard and you are now a better problem solver than when you started.

5. Pace yourself on the test.

You have about 4 minutes to answer each question. Answer the questions you know first.

6. Look at the reference materials for clues.

Refer to the reference materials often.

7. Use the graphing calculators to help you solve problems and double check your work.

Use your technology to prevent you from making silly mistakes.

8. Work backwards when needed

Look at the answer choices to help you determine what the question is asking you for.

9. Use the process of elimination

Eliminate answer choices that are not reasonable so you have a better chance of selecting the right answer.

10. Double check that you have answered all questions.

Make sure you go back to any questions you skipped and if you don't know the answer, take your best guess.