Can You Make It Through 6th Grade?

You Can Do It I'll Show You How!

Welcome To 6th Grade

Congratulations you have made it so far to 6th grade. 6th grade can be very fun if you go by these rules that I will tell you. There can be lots or things to watch out for on the way though.

strike system!

These are the things that you can get a strike for:

  • Forgetting your pencil for class!
  • Being disrespectful!
  • Not charging your Chromebook last night?
  • Not being prepared
  • Unfinished work
  • Being on something your not supposed to be on
  • Talking to much
  • Having electronics out when you are not supposed to have them out

You have ten strikes but try not to use them! If you get seven strikes you get a call home telling your parent or guardian about what happened. Also if you get ten strikes you don't get to participate in the Olympics at the end of the year (which is really fun).

This video will tell you how to open a locker!

How To Open A Locker

This is how to care for your Chromebook!

How to care for Student Devices Chromebook

This video will tell you how to care for your Chromebook. There might be one thing that the school does allow that the video says it is not okay to do.

6th grader advice!

I really suggest that you always have pencils in your binder or your Chromebook case, somewhere around you. For every paper that you get make sure that you put your name on the top of the page as soon as you get it.

Is there homework in 6th grade?

Yes, There is homework in 6th grade obviously but not as much as you think! If you finish you homework in the classroom you won't have as much. But some classrooms assign more homework than others.