Digital Citizenship Project

Danielle P., Period 6

Rule #1 : Digital Etiquette

Be Nice.

Think before you post

Treat others the way you want to be treated

what go around comes around

Think how you would feel if they posted something on the internet about you!

Rule#2: Information privacy

Be careful

don't put your info on the internet

people on the internet can hack and spam you

They can be your identity theif

Think before you put your info on the internet

Rule#3: Social Networking

Keeps Things Private

to be friends with stranger

be careful what you post to anyone

don't let anyone post a pic of you that embarrassing

Rule#4: Online Safety

Don't Give Out Info.

Adults want to trick you on the internet

someone can use your personal info

tell somebody

Keep your passwords

be nice

Rule#5: Cyberbullying

Don't Be Mean:

what you say online will stay forever

don't text or email something mean

if you have to say something mean don't say it at all

what if someone did that right back

people have feelings too

Rule#6: Plagiarism

Don't copy someone's thoughts:

Don't copy off a test either

put your own words in your story or report

If you take notes say by the author

what if someone copy your ideas, how would you feel?

credit the author too if you want

Rule#7: Copyright


give people permission to copyright your songs or books (etc.)

you have the right to control your own things

keep things private to yourself

no one legally use your things

Don't infringement or you could be sued and go to court

Stay away from infringement