A Summer Event

On July tenth two thousand and twelve my sister and her friends and little brother went to the Houston zoo. It was Luke's tenth birthday and that's what he decided to do was to go to the zoo for the day. I felt so old there because I'm eighteen years old surrounded by fourteen and ten year olds. Even though I was the oldest we still had a fun time. We saw all the animals from the elephants to the monkeys to the snakes, well pretty much all of the animals. Except for penguins. They didn't have any penguins which really shocked me because I was really looking forward to seeing them! I guess we should have gone to Sea World instead? It was raining all day and we were all drenched with water, down to our bones. The girls went into the bathroom where there was a blow dryer (made for drying hands) and were trying to get as dry as they could. I told them it was pointless and that we were just going to get wet again. So we started walking around again and found a little water park for toddlers and younger kids. Since we were already wet we said what the heck and went and played in the water. They had this one area that had buckets at the top of a pole and they would fill up with water. Once they were full they would dump over on our heads. Then they had a dragon sticking out of the ground and my sister and her friends sat on it while sprinklers would spray them. By the time we had to leave everyone was saoked and smelled really bad and stunk up my car!