Don't Waste Your Money

By:Kirstyn Campbell & Gabby kocur

Smoking Dangers

Well you can get a lot of dieseas and you can die form some of them.Them most common one is lung caner.And if you smoke your lungs well be black.People can die.Your stomac can get pains or crumps.You can get sick from smoking.our teeth can start to come black.Make your lungs bad and it get hard for you to breath.

Physical/ Social Dangers

Physical Dangers

Some physical dangers are fatal.Some can cause your health.Here are some health dangers teeth can be yellow smoking,your finger nails can turn yellow,your gums can change color,your heart rate can go down,

Social Dangers

Social Dangers

There so many social dangers when you smoke.So here are some dangers.You can lose your friends,lose your team mates,you can bring down your family.So dont smoke!!!!