How to overcome 6th grade

How to be the most awesome student you can be


Some stuff you may expect in your first year of middle school is there will be a LOT of walking from class to class over and over.... and you may find it difficult to open up your locker at first, but that will be okay because the school wont start counting tardy for about two weeks! Yippy! You will ALWAYS want to be positive because you know what they say, a positive mind will give you a positive life!

The strike system

during the strike system you will want to make sure to behave and turn in ALL your work on time. If you don't yo will get a strike and if you get 1 strike then you still will have 10 to go! but if you don't get 10 strikes or more than you will get to participate in a fun activity!

be the best student you can be!

questions you may have to ask

is it hard to open your lockers? You will eventually get the hang of it.

Will i have enough time to get to class to class? Yes, no body knows how long three minutes is until they have been in middle school.

Being late for class!

When you are late for class you are tardy, and tardy is something you do NOT want to be in. It is pretty easy to avoid being tardy, but if you get one tardy you are okay but if you get two tardy's then you get a phone call home and the more tardy's you get the more of a punishment you receive.
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