Charles Ellis Montessori Academy, 15th August 2020

On Wednesday we begin a new school year. While our learning environments may seem to have changed, the reality is that many things remain anchored. In Montessori we build learning communities that transcend the ideas of a physical space. These communities are established around our core values. I ask that we consider these as we move forward. Yes, we will stumble in the dark sometimes, but if we keep the child light aflame in all our hearts then we will create a great sun-filled space in which to learn and grow.

Peace Always

Ms. Tanya

Montessori Core Values

Wonderment & The Joy of Childhood:

Montessori Education values a sense of wonder and the innate desire to learn through joyful exploration and discovery about the World and how it works.

Respect, Diversity & Harmony:

Montessori Education Values self-respect, respect of others and respect for our environment. This requires that we understand, celebrate and protect the diversity within our community and our environment. WE resolve conflicts through empathy and honest dialogue.


Montessori Education encourages us to first be stewards of our own actions, and then to work with others as we care for our Montessori community and our World.

Self-Reliance and Academic Empowerment:

Montessori Education values self-responsibility and self-reliance for personal and academic growth. The individual is empowered to be a self-motivated, self-disciplined and independent learner. The ideas, interests and skills of each person contribute to our Montessori community and the World.

Peace is achieved when we live by these core values.

Student Schedules by Developmental Level

Primary Schedule PreK & Kindergarten

Lower Elementary Schedule - !st, 2nd, & 3rd Grades

Upper Elementary Schedule - 4th, 5th, & 6th Grades

Erdkinder Schedule - 7th & 8th Grades

Student Passwords & Device Distribution


The district has made some changes to heighten the security surrounding student passwords. Parents, please note that you should wait to receive an email from your child's teacher beginning Monday 17th with the updated password. On a Sunday August 16th the district will make a call-out to parents on testing their child’s student ID and password. Please hold off on testing the system until you have received the updated password from your teacher.


Phase One

August 13 and 14

Chromebooks were distributed to Erdkinder, Upper El and 3rd Grade students.

Week of August 17 we will contact parents in 2nd grade who indicated a need for technology.

Phase Two

Our school is awaiting more devices from SCCPSS - when those are received, Phase Two of distribution will begin.

Athletics - Go Bobcats!

The district has cancelled athletics for grades 6-8. View the Athletics page of our Virtual Open House for a message from Coach Lesley.

Counselors Corner

Our school counselors play a vital role in student success. Visit our site for helpful information and support.

From the Clinic

Listen to a message from Nurse Chris

and view Important Information on our

Virtual Open House Site.


Listen to a message from Ms. Barbara, School Nutritionist,

and view Important Information regarding School Lunches

on our Virtual Open House Site.

Join Ellis PTA!

PTA is hosting a School Supply Pickup on Sunday, August 16th for any Ellis student in need of school supplies.

Donations of school supplies will be accepted until Friday, August 14th.

For more details and messages from PTA members, visit the PTA page of our Virtual Open House


The establishment of a school council is intended to bring parents and the community together with teachers and school administrators to create better understanding of and mutual respect for each other's concerns and to share ideas for school improvement. Visit the School Council page of our Virtual Open House for more information.

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