Anne Frank


The Great threat

Did you know the Holocaust was one of the greatest threats to Europe? It took place from 1933-1945. NAZI soldiers under Odalf Hitler’s command killed JEWS because they thought they started world war 1. The Nazi invaded Western Poland,Netherlands,Belgium,Luxembourg,France,Denmark,Yugoslavia,Greece, and Norway!Lots Of Jews went into hiding including Anne Frank. Anne Frank was a big part of it and I will teach you about her. You will learn background history,hiding, and her diary!

Background history

Have you ever wondered the basic facts about Anne Frank's history. Well here's a little bit about her. Anne Frank was born in June 12, 1989 and died in April 30,1945. When Anne Frank was caught by the Nazi she was sent to a concentration camp. A concentration camp is like a prison and torture camp put together. She was sent to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Anne frank was one of many who survived the picking to be put in a gas chamber. Anne frank later died by a disease by typhus that had been spreading around the camp since it was sitting on a swamp. I hope you will remember Anne frank's background history.


The thing I think is most interesting about Anne Frank was when she was in hiding. Before the Nazi took Anne Frank away she was in hiding. She hid for 25 months in the Secret Annex. She was caught in the secret Annex by Nazi soldiers in August 4, 1944. The secret Annex was about only three room of space smooshed together at the end of a canal house. She was hiding with seven other people including Anne frank, Anne Frank’s sister, Anne Frank's Mom and Dad, Peter[not related to the franks], Peter's Mom and Dad. The Nazi found Anne frank because a undercover German had been spying on them in the secret Annex and later told Nazi where they were at. Everyone in the Secret Annex was immediately deported to a concentration camp.Now do you have a opinion that when Anne Frank was hiding, that was most interesting?

Her diary

One of the most historical things that made Anne Frank famous was that she wrote a diary during the Nazi invasion. When the Nazi took Anne frank they left her diary behind. Anne Frank usually wrote about the horrors of the invasion, about hiding, personal things about being a teenager, how people reacted to the invasion and things about them. Anne Frank's diary was published in 1947. Now you know the thing that mostly represents Anne Frank.

A mark on history

Anne Frank left a huge mark on history. She still gives hope to all Jews now and during the Nazi invasion. I hope you remember background history, hiding, and her diary. As you can see Anne frank is a very spectacular topic to write about. I hope you remember that Anne Frank left a mark on history!

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Jews-people from Isreale and Abraham

Nazi-German soldiers

concentration camp- Jews were sent to be tortured

Canal House-old house overseeing a canal