Counselling Database

User Guide

Counselling Database a secure database for logging students counselling appointments

The Counselling Database looks like this...
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To use the Counselling Database you will need to have an account set up

To request a user account please send an email to Please make it clear this is for access to use the Counselling database please include your user name (The name you use to login to your PC). Do Not Send Your Password.

Accessing the Counselling Database on your PC

You'll need to set up a Shortcut on you PC so that you can access the Counselling Database.

The shortcut is found...

T:\MIS Reports\Counselling Folder

You will need to...

  • Right click Counsellors - Shortcut
  • Select Send to
  • Select Desktop (Create shortcut)
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You should now see a the below icon on your desktop...

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Using the counselling Database

To open the Counselling database click on the Counsellors - Shortcut on your desktop.

There are two way to search for a student...

  1. Search by Student ID
  2. Search by Surname, Forename or Date of Birth (DoB)

These are both explained below...

Search by Student ID

After entering a student ID in the box at the top left, click Enter (on your keyboard)…

You should then see the corresponding students’ Initials, ID, DoB and Contact number in the top right…
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Search by Surname, Forename or Date of Birth (DoB)

You can do a partial search by Surname, Forename or search by their DoB (DoB needs to be entered in full).

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When you have entered the details you want click Search.

Select the relevant student from the list.

You should then see the students’ Initials, ID, DoB and Contact number in the top right…

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Creating Appointments

To make a new appointment for a student click on Create New Appointment.

Make sure you check you have the correct student by checking the initials and DOB in the top right.

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After you click save, you should then see the students new appointment in the Appointments box
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Change an Existing Appointment

Select a student and if they have any appointments they with show in the Appointments box.

You can the select an appointment by simply clicking on it, this will unhide the Appointment options.

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You can change the students...

  • Appointment Date
  • Appointment Time
  • Status - Attended, Cancelled, DNA or leave as Pending

Once you have made your changes click the green Save Appointment Details Button (bottom right)

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You can also see whether or not they have withdrawn...

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Starting a new Student search

To clear the selected student click on the blue Clear All button.
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Using the Hide Button

If you would like to quickly hide the Counselling Database click on the red Hide button…
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This will hide the database and you will need to enter the Password to unhide it.
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Closing the Counselling Database

To close the database click the Exit button
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Counselling Reports

To see the Counselling Reports you can use the Link to Counselling Reports.

Or you can go to T:\MIS Reports\Counselling Folder\Reports

Please note not all staff are allowed to access the Counselling Reports

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The counselling folder has a report for each college.

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Select the relevant college and enter the appropriate password.

All the reports have two tabs

  1. Pivot - Appointments - Showing headline numbers and appointment details
  2. Pivot Breakdowns - Giving Breakdown by Gender, Age and BME etc.

You will need to Refresh the report when you open it, please use the blue button at the top of the page this will refresh all Report in the Excel workbook.

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Tab: Pivot - Appointments

This Tab shows two pivots...

  • Appointment Totals Breakdown
  • Appointment List
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Appointment Totals Breakdown


Unique count of Learners - Counts all learners just once (no matter if they have or haven't attended an appointment).

Appointments - Count of all appointments

Withdrawals - Count of withdrawn students appointments

Pending - Count of pending appointments

Attended - Count of Attended appointments

Cancelled -Count of cancelled appointments

DNA - Count of DNA (Did not attend) appointments

Unique Client - Counts learners once if they have attended at least one session

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Appointment List


Appointment Data Collected (Filter) - Selecting "Yes" indicates that the Attended, Cancelled or DNA has been entered on the Counsellors DB, "No" means that it is Pending.

Upcoming Appointments (Filter) - These are appointments that are due in the next 7 days (including the day before). If an appointment is cancelled they're not included.

Appointment Date and Time

Students Initials and ID

Students Appointment Status - Pending Attended, Cancelled and DNA

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Tab: Pivot - Breakdowns


  • Gender Breakdowns
  • Age Range Breakdowns
  • BME Breakdowns - Black, Minority or Ethnic
  • Ethnicity Breakdowns
  • Learning Difficulties Breakdowns
  • Disability Breakdowns
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Further Advise or Difficulties

If you need any further advise please contact me via email

If you're having difficulty with the Counselling database please call either;

Me (Lorraine McCormack) on 01189 554 873


Paul Rostron 01189 554 872.