5 Pillars +2 on Norway

By: Zoë Kim 1/28/16

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Norway, is a country in Europe, located on the Western side of the three Nordic Countries, Norway, Sweden and Finland

In this SMORE, you will learn interesting things such as the History, Culture, Geography, Economics, Government, Citizenship and Innovation or Norway.
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Government In Norway

The Government in Norway is a Monarchy, divided into the three parts, legislative, executive and judicial. The government is formed by parties that have a majority of seats. The King is the state of authority in Norway, and is in full power. The head of the government is appointed by the Monarch. Norway has been united with the rest of the Nordic countries for a long period of time. The current Prime Minister for Norway is Jens Stoltenburg, and the government she runs is limited.

Economics In Norway

Norway uses Norwegian Krone to pay for things, like in the U.S we use dollars. 1 Norwegian Krone is equal to .12 U.S dollars. The GDP per capita in Norway is 100,818.50. This is a very wealthy country compared to the U.S, the GDP per capita is 53,041.48. Norway exports Crude Petroleum and Petroleum Gas, along with fish, aluminum and wines. They import computers, cars, medicines, furniture and refined petroleum.
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Social and Ethnic Groups in Norway

There are many ethnic groups in Norway such as Romani, Jewish, Turks, Filipino, Georgians, Greeeks and of course, Norwegian. Every child between the ages of 6 and 16 must attend a school. Students attending private schools pay a tuition, but for the public schools, loans can be made to pay. Norway is the first country to appoint a Gender Equality Ombud. Men and Women are treated the same, and have the same rights. The Literacy rate in Norway is 99-100 percent for men and women. The schools is Norway suffice for the education of the people.

Religion in Norway

Norway was a mostly Christian country, but as of May, 2012, Norway does not have a said religion. Norwegian, is the most widely spoken language throughout Norway. It is closely related to Swedish and Danish, but is spoken by 95% of the people. The red, white and blue in the Norwegian flag symbolize Liberty, and is greatly influenced by the French Tricolor.
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Culture In Norway

People in Norway celebrate New Years, Easter, Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, Baptism and many more. Fish is one of the most eaten foods in Norway. It is prepared in many different ways and is served as a popular Norwegian meal. Bunad is what the Norwegian people, both men and women, wear as a traditional costume.
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Geography In Norway

Norway is located in Northern Europe, bordering the North Sea. Norway is a very long country, and has the most rugged coastline in the world. Norway is one of Europe's most mountainous countries, dominated by the Scandinavian Mountains. During the Ice Age, the country was covered in a thick layer of ice, and the movement of the ice created the valleys that are filled with water called fjords. In Norway, the most populated city is Oslo, Oslo, with it's population of 580,000. Bergen, Hordaland has the population of 213,585. The Glomma river is the longest river stretching 380 miles across Norway. Numedalslagen comes next spanning 218 miles.