Week 4

On tap for this week...

This week you'll be working on your midterm exam, weekly discussion, which focuses on evaluating professional writing, and the weekly reflection. Don't forget to keep making progress on your portfolio project.

Don't make the mistake of waiting until the end of the week to start working on your midterm. The directions opened to you earlier in the course, so you should have had time to really flesh out your assignment. It's important you put your best foot forward on your midterm!

Things to keep in mind as we move forward...

Discussion Participation
It's important you participate in the discussion over multiple days each week. Based on the grading rubric, you can't earn maximum points if you don't dialog with multiple classmates over multiple days. If you respond to only one or two of your classmates, or you only respond on one or two days, you will lose significant points.

Here's a little help..

One issue I noticed repeatedly as I graded the work for Week 2 was that many of the memos I read contained comma splices and run-on sentences. For some assistance on how to avoid and correct these issues, check out the video below.
Run-On Sentences and Comma Splices