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Missing Carbon Atom

Effie gone missing

The carbon cycle is a complex series where carbon atoms rotate through the earth. Now are little carbon atom Effie is lost in the cycle.

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The Story of Effie, the carbon atom!

we suspect that Effie fell out of a cloud on to a tree.She could of been taken out of the atmosphere by a plant as it used the Sun's energy to make the nutrition it needs (a process called photosynthesis). She is now one of the building blocks that make up a plant. As more carbon dioxide is added to our atmosphere, plants will be able to grow faster. Plants also release carbon back to the atmosphere by respiration. The plant that Effie was in may have died and now it decomposes into the Earth. The soil contains about 15,000 to 16,000 billion metric tons of carbon if she is in the soil we need to get her out. One of the ways this could happen is Soil respiration. This is the primary path by which CO2 fixed by land plants returns to the atmosphere. Are carbon atom can interact with Energy, water, carbon, and other trace gases are constantly exchanged between the biosphere and the atmosphere. These exchanges modify mass transport and the thermodynamic structure of the atmosphere, which in turn affect atmospheric circulation, cloud formation, and rainfall.

Surface Ocean

Effie could of got caught in the ocean surface the ocean surface is the top of the ocean. Carbon Moves from the atmosphere to the surface ocean through a process called diffusion this is where the air mixes with the surface and the carbon goes into the surface ocean. Another way she could got to the surface ocean is circulating water from the deep ocean the ocean has high and lows, just like how the earth has hills and valleys causing the water to move. One more way carbon atoms could have gotten to the surface ocean is marine life decomposing. This happens when marine life decomposes and the carbon atoms in it are let go to the surface ocean. She could of got caught in the waves and went to the marine life under the ocean. Marine life is animals that live under the ocean or on the ocean floor. The marine life needs carbon atoms for the nutrition they need in a process called photosynthesis. the carbon comes from the deep ocean and surface ocean. Effie could of fell into the deep ocean...the bottom of the ocean.Another process, called "the biological pump," transfers CO2 from the ocean’s surface to its depths.

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If you fine Effie please contact us!

I hope you can help us find Effie!