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Ideas for Teaching Election 2016 (Frank Baker)

This site provides teachers with the tools they need to introduce political campaign advertising to their students and to help their students become aware of the unique techniques of persuasion used in these ads.


Election 2016: Lesson Plans, Primary Sources, and Digital Resources for Educators (Edutopia)

These open educational resources and digital collections can help supplement student research and examination of the 2016 election. From collections that focus specifically on this year’s campaigns, to more general U.S. government lesson plans, a variety of resources are available to use.


Election 2016: Stumped? (NewseumED)

Stumped by the media mayhem and roaring rhetoric of this presidential race? Get historical context and tools to demystify election procedures, decode campaign messages and make your voice matter. NewseumED is a website that provides learners of all ages free access to curated, standards-aligned content from the Newseum’s vast collection of more than 35,000 newspapers and magazines, 20,000 artifacts and 40,000 photographs.


Presidential Elections (History Channel)

The History Channel has a nice collection of videos related to historical elections.


Teach Politics in Class (And Live to Tell About It)

This "We Are Teachers" blog post offers some tried-and-true teaching strategies for teaching politics, political systems, and elections that have worked in classrooms around the country.


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