Warsaw Ghetto

Overview of Holocaust

The holocaust is time period when Jewish people were taken to camps to be murdered by Nazis during World War 2 (1939-1945). This sad time period had over 10 million Jews killed because people believed they were bad all because Hitler. Hitler mad the people think that Jewish people did not belong in our world and set out to have them killed and starved.

Warsaw Ghetto

`Warsaw Ghetto is a place where Nazis held Jews captive so later they could be killed. Over 350,000 people called this place home for 1 or more years.They lived there lives here and kids grow up here. Warsaw was like a concentration camp made for then to stay out of th Nazis way.

Original Reseach Question

What was the Warsaw? It was a type of construction camp

Who meny people lived there? 350,000 people


"Its a disgrace to us all! He almost screamed. We're letting them take us to our death like sheep to the slaughter!.....at least we could break out of the ghetto"