Christianity in the Roman Empire

Discrimination against the christians

  • In the Roman empire, it was illegal to not worship the Roman gods.
  • Followers of other religions were persecuted and attacked more than the countries current hostiles
  • Christians refused to sacrifice people to the roman gods,
  • Tortured until they worshiped the roman emperor and gods
  • There scripture was burnt
  • Christians were also compared to being cannibals because they believed in the Eucharist and the consecration of the blood and body.
  • Wine being blood and un leavened bread being the body of Christ

The Conversion of the Great Constantine

  • Constantine was the emperor of Rome in 312 A.D.
  • He converted to Christianity very unusual, since every emperor before him had persecuted the faith
  • It is said that Jesus Christ came to Constantine in a dream one night
  • He made Christianity legal to follow
  • Constantine founded a new city named Constantinople"New Rome", Christian capital for new empire
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Major key points

  • Rome was considered a very religious society
  • Emperor Nero was crazy about killing his citizens especially Christians
  • Emperor Constantine became a Christian and made the religion legal
  • He created a city called Constantinople
  • Christianity followers increase but does not stand as the the most common
  • Christianity be comes dominant religion after a few years
  • Other religions are forced underground

The start of Christianity in the Roman Empire

  • Jesus Christ was born in Palestine
  • Crucified for planning a rebellion against Rome
  • Christianity spread fast threw Rome due to the advanced road system
  • Christianity was horribly persecuted until finally emperor Constantine made it legal
  • Old roman temples were eventually converted to Christian churches
  • The Roman Empire turned into the Holy Roman Empire
  • Today all that's left is the Roman Catholic Church
  • Heart of Christianity, located in the Vatican. Pope is the holy figure for the religion

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