Wanted for a trajic hero

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Voldemort, born of noble birth and adored by his loyal followers, was blinded by his own hatred of a boy just enough that he was incapable of seeing a bigger picture. He was a half-blood wizard, attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and is referred to throughout the Harry Potter series as "He Who Must Not Be Named." He dies as hated as he was during his rise to power by anyone that didn't call themselves Death Eaters.

Born of noble birth

He was born to a wealthy muggle and a witch.

Heroic Qualities

To the death eaters, voldemort is a great leader planning on leading them to prosperity in a muggle-born-free wizarding world.

Tragic Flaw

Voldemort's tragic flaw is his intense desire to kill Harry potter and figure out the prophecy.
He was prideful, and power-hungry.


He overestimates his abillities to kill Harry, and underestimates the "Boy Who Lived."

Fall From Great Hights

His first attack on Harry Potter leaves Voldemort broken and lost for ten years, but returns to be officially killed by Harry Potter during a final battle. And then he dies forever and ever and ever

Is responsible for his own Fate

Voldemort is not responsible for his own fate. However it will not stop him from trying to turn the tables from a profacy recived from Professor Trealawney stating he would be vanquished by a child born in the sventh month .

Realization of an Irreversible Mistake

He doesn't realize that Harry didn't die at his hand, and in the end is killed by the enemy he tried so hard to destroy.

Accepts Responsibility for Own Fate

It's never shown that he accepts responsibility before he dies. When he kills Harry in the forest, he returns with his Death Eaters and Harry's body to Hogwarts and gloats about his victory. Soon, Harry reveals that he is in fact still alive, and they battle. Voldemort remains headstrong that he will win and kill Harry, but in fact, the killing curse he'd planned on using rebounded and he instead died.

Faces and Accepts Death With Honor

Voldemort does not honorably accept his death. With all of his gloating over his power and ability to murder the "Boy Who Lived," he died casting the curse that was intended for his enemy.