Bipolar Disorder

By: Kalie Moore

What Is It?

Bipolar disorder is a depressive disorder that affects the way the brain functions.

What Are Some Manic Signs And Symptoms?

* racing speech and thoughts

* increased energy

* decreased need for sleep

* elevated mood and exaggerated optimism

*increased physical/emotional activity

* excessive irritability, aggressive behavior,and impatience

*poor judgement

*reckless behavior

*difficulty concentrating

*inflated sense of self importance

What Are Some Depression Signs And Symptoms?

*loss of interest in regular activities

*prolonged sad or irritable mood

* loss of energy or fatigue

*feelings of guilt and worthlessness

* sleeping too much or inability to sleep

*drop in grades and inability to concentrate

*inability to experience pleasure

*appetite loss or overeating

*anger, worry, and anxiety

*thoughts of death and suicide

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How Does It Affect Someone?

-Affects both men and women

-In rare cases children can also be diagnosed with bipolar disorder

-First symptoms of bipolar disorder are shown in a person's early twenties

-The way people think, act, and feel are all affected

-With children it affects their mood, such as rapid mood changes and can also occur in high levels of anxiety

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What Are Other Names For Bipolar Disorder?

Other names:

- Manic depression

-Manic depressive disorder

-Manic depressive illness

-Bipolar mood disorder

-Bipolar affective disorder

How Is It Diagnosed?

- A psychiatrist or phycologist must diagnose you with bipolar disorder

- Many people are not diagnosed properly

- When dealing with a child with bipolar disorder, a health professional will observe symptoms, before diagnosing them

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How Is It Treated?

There is no cure for bipolar disorder but treatment can be very helpful

-People diagnosed with bipolar disorder should work with a doctor or medical professionals to come up with a treatment plan

-medication can be prescribed to stabilize a person's mood

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Some Interesting Facts

- 17.4 million adults have depressive disorder each year

- There are four types of bipolar disorder:

*Bipolar I

*Bipolar II

*Cyclothymic disorder

*Bipolar disorder