Help Wanted: Food Writer

The Simpsons - Homer becomes a food critic

Job Responsibilities

  • Food writers must show advanced writing skills along with a knowledge of culinary arts.
  • Food writers are hired to write reviews and essays regarding specific foods, restaurants and other food establishments.

Skills & Personal Characteristics Needed

A food critic must have a passion for food with an acute taste for subtle flavors and the ability to write descriptively. Anyone with well-developed writing skills and the knowledge to properly critique food, such as an understanding of culinary techniques to evaluate the authenticity of a dish, can find success within this career. Because of the nature of the job, food writers must also be willing to try any food at least once. Food writers must also have refined communication skills in order to create connections within the local food community.


Most food writers have a bachelor's degree in journalism with a minor in culinary arts. Experience can be gained in tis field through internships at publications e.g. local newspapers hiring food writers.

Work Environment

The majority of food writers work at publications, however more and more publications are motiving towards digitalization, posting their critiques online. The realm of food blogging from home has become more popular, making it easier for individuals to become food writers from the comfort of their home.

Average Salary (2014): $58,850